13 Maps Combo for ETS2 1.37 – Setup Guide + Bonuses


It’s time for new big map combo!
Promods 2.46 finally released and now we can combine lots of interesting maps
The changes with previous pack are dramatic – you have to re-download many files

Links to Mods:

📌Australia Tasmania 5.3

📌Australia Tasmania map FIX v5

📌Vanemap 4.2

📌The Great Steppe 1.36 (Kazakhstan) (Def and map from the archive should be replaced with below custom version)

📌The Great Steppe updated def and map file (this file should replace original defmap)

📌Road to Aral 1.2

📌Southern Region Map v8.0

📌Promods 2.46 and Middle East Add-on

(registration needed, free slow download of several files or €1 for one archive on top speed)

📌Israel and Lebanon Open Border 3.0

📌ProMods 2.46 Add-on – Læsø v1.1 [1.37.x]

📌North Macedonia Rework v1.3.1 for ProMods v2.46

📌Rusmap 2.1

📌Piter for Rusmap v2.1 (Expansion of Saint Petersburg)

📌Rusmap fixes (by jazzycat):


📌Rusmap – Great Steppe RC

📌RusMap 2.1 – Promods 2.46 road connection

📌Mediterranean Map 0.1

📌ROEX 2.6 (or 2.3 Free) by Arayas


📌YKSRSK – Southern Region Road Connection

📌Road Connections pack by Arayas:

YKSRSK 2.2 – Promods 2.46 Middle East
Promods 2.46 – ROEX 2.6
Rusmap 2,1 – ROEX 2.6

📌YKSRSK – Southern Region Road Connection

📌Roex 2.6 – Southern Region 8.0 RC (doesn’t work with Roex 2.3) by Arayas

📌Swedish Islands 1.10

📌Paris Rebuild v2.5

📌ProMods 2.46 Add-on – Læsø v1.1 [1.37.x]

📌Background Map


📌Mini Mirrors

📌Hemil’s Route Advisor

📌Iveco Hi-Way Reworkeв by Schumi

📌Australian Trailers:



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