Arnook’s SCS Containers Skin Project v2.0 ETS2


    Arnook’s SCS Containers Skin Project v2.0 ETS2
    Full compatibility with the SCS, Krone & VAK V-Slider chassis configurations (HCT, B-Link, singles, doubles, flatbeds, etc… evertyhing that uses 20ft and/or 40fts)
    – Available in the freight Market & for owned trailers
    – The skin-selection is made randomly by the game (same system as SCS’s original containers)
    Dedicated cargo : search for “Box Container”
    Included skins :
    20 ft corrugated sides : 20/20
    De Rijke, CAI, Triton, Hanjin, MOL, NOL, Maersk, Beacon, Safmarine, DHL, Cronos, IRISL, UASC, Evergreen, China Shipping, MACS Shipping, Nedlloyd, Matson, NYK Line, TS Lines (Dong Fang Lease)
    V2 08/03/2020:– added 20 skins for the 40ft Corrugated side
    – updated cargo defs
    – fixes on the 20ft skins
    – Compatibility with the VAK V-Slider vy Kast (20ft + 40ft)


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