ETS 2 Mod | Next Gen Scania R LNG Tank Addon [ETS2 v1.35]


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Next Gen Scania R LNG Addon

This mod is simple, it adds a seperate chassis with LNG Tanks to Eugene’s Scania R, there is a mod for this on the Steam Workshop but that replaces Eugene’s Chassis, so I made it standalone so it doesn’t interfere with his main mod

This only adds the chassis for the Scania R, Scania P G and S will be added when Eugene updates his mod to v1.1 with the new P G Series

-L6 Chassis
-Compatible with everything on Eugene’s L6 Variant 1 Chassis


-Eugene – Scania NG Rework
-Igor_kox – Adapting Schumi’s Tanks to Scania NG
-Schumi – LNG Tanks
-Mohammad Ali – Making chassis standalone

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