Ets2 1.31-Promods 2.30 and a large map of the installation


links for all mods are found further down in the description. ALL 4 GUTS CARD NOT required!
THIS SETTING is only compatible with PROMODS 2.30!

This card combo: Promods 2.30 Rusmap 1.8.1 southern region 7.2 Paris Rebuilt 2.3 Emden 1.02 Scandinavia Mod 0.4 of the great steppe 1.03 industrial zone 3 of the Russian open spaces EAA 6.0 4.6 China and Taiwan for ETS2 1.31 Island (Jeju Island, South Korea) PJ Indo 2.4 map of Africa 1.2 links: PJ Indo EAA EAA fix Promods v4.6-map file EAA v4.6-ETS2 V S base file Island industrial area 3 ROS 6.0 English town names translation Russian open spaces Rusmap 6.0 1.8 fixes ProMods ScandinaviaMod map v0.4 Add-ons for 1.31 x Chi Na and Taiwan: map of Africa/Afromap Emden of the great steppe 1.0.3 southern region southern region 7.2 7.2 updated map, map of the above files and replace the Def and def.

SR English translation SR Rusmap connection ferry 1.8.1 ProMods connector road and 2.30 RusMap 1.8.1 Paris rebuild Promods 2.3-no direct link available, pls go to their site and sign up before downloading Promods compatibility fixes do my map at the scale of the United Nations is very much appreciated and help me to create high quality products. If you want to show your appriciation and help, please use this link or go and click donate.


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