ETS2 1.34 | ProMods 2.40 | Big Map Combo


Maps in this combo:
-Afromap 2.0
-Antarctica Map 0.8
-EAA Map
-Great Steppe 1.2
-Gukovo Map 1.0
-Paris Rebuilding 2.3
-PJ Indo Map 2.6
-ProMods 2.40
-Roextended 2.1
-Rusmap 1.8.1
-Sardinia Map 0.9.1
-Southern Region 7.8.0
-Swedish Islands Map Addon 1.10
-Volga Map
-YKS Turkey Map

This is my another combo for ProMods 2.40. Arayas has updated connection files, and what is new is that no files from original YKS are needed! EAA map has also been updated and it is included in this combo. Rusmap is still waiting for update, and hopefully it will come. This fix for RM, which I use in the combo, works fine, at least for me.

You can modify the combo. If you want to make it smaller, you can leave EAA and Antarctica maps off, doesnt affect the mod order.

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Must Be Something – Jingle Punks
Let’s Do It – Topher Mohr and Alex Elena



Antarctica Map 0.8 + ferry connections


Less ferries by Braniac

Promods Big Map Setup with Background by dOOmERdaZe

EAA+Promods fix

Roextended 2.1 and Connection files:

-English names for Roextended 2.1
-Promods 2.40-Roextended 2.1 Road connection v2
-RusMap 1.8.1-Roextended 2.1 RC
-Promods 2.40-YKSRSK 1.6 Road Connection

-FULL YKSRSK 1.6 package
-RC YKSRSK-Southern Region V2

-Lada fix for Southern Region
-RusMap Police fix

Gukovo Map v1.0

Volga Map

Swedish Islands Map Addon Wombat Edition v1.10 (NEW)

Old City Names 1.3 [RusMap]

Fix for RusMap 1.8.1 [1.33, 1.34]

Rusmap 1.8.1

Southern Region v7.8.0 [1.33]

SR english translation

Great Steppe 1.2

Afromap 2.0

PJ Indo v2.6

Paris Rebuilding 2.3

Sardinia Map Add-on v0.9.1


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