ETS2 1.34 – Romania Extended 2.1 will let you haul directly between Ukraine and Belarus, Rusmap


I wanna thank Arayas deeply for sending me RoExtended 2.1 ahead of release and congratulate him on the new version that will be released in just a few days.

The big news in this version is obviously the new cities and the Road connection to Belarus and Rusmap but also the the major changes behind the scene. No more separate promods/nonPromods versions, no ferry connections required or even RCs between Roex and Turkey. No need for the Legacy compatibility fix (for Promods) or Prefabs (for Sardinia map) when using Roex in your map combo. And as a bonus, Arayas also fixed the conflict between RusMap companies and Baltic DLC companies!

Give him a huge shoutout and support him by downloading 2.1 from when the new map version becomes available!

Premium download is currently 1 Euro per update (might change slightly when 2.1 is released) but I recommend you get the 5 Euro PPM instead as this gives you all future updates without any additional costs.




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