ETS2 1.34 – TSM Big Map Combo, Europe Edition Updated for Roex 2.1 and YKSRSK 1.6


Heres my updated Europe map combo for TSM on 1.34. This setup require all 5 map DLCs
It also requires Romania Extended v2.1 if you are using YKSRSK 1.6!

dOOmERdaZe background map

Arayas SuperZoom

Romania Extended 2.1 and RCs (Paid mod, either 1,5€ for this version or 5€ PPM for this and all future versions)
Make sure you use the updated Roex map and def file found on the Premium page on right below the big red RoExtended 2.1 button!

YKS Team EU Turkey map

YKSRSK 1.6 and RCs (Rescaled Turkey by Arayas, requires Romania Extended 2.1)

Arayas and Sergey061 Road Connection SRmap-YKSRSK 2.1

Great Poland+RoEx RC by Arayas can be found here

TSM 1.34

TSM+SR fix

Additional fix for Sergey061s road connection between Turkey map and Southern region. This fix wasn’t available at the release of this video. Put the fix just above the TSM files.

Swedish Islands Map Wombat Special Edition v1.02

Paris Rebuild v2.3

North Map 1.6

Sardinia Map Add-on v0.9.1

Southern Region 7.8.0

The Great Steppe v1.2

Rusmap 1.8.1

Rusmap patch for Baltics DLC (Overwrite original map+def with these)

Rusmap English city names

Rusmap Police fix

Realistic Russian highways

Great Poland 1.3.2
(includes the RM+GP RC)

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