ETS2 (v1.35) – Scania S Next Gen Tuning Open Pipe V8 Sound + Skin + Interior [Schmitz Trailer]


Hi Everybody !
Back on Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.35) aboard the Scania S with this great sound v8 Open pipe beautifully reworked! with this beautiful paintable skin + the Schmitz SKO trailer..
In delivery to the island of Sardinia, which has been added as a free addition for the Italia (DLC) map extension and many other nice mods to discover or rediscover! [▼SEE MODS BELOW!▼]
A big thanks to the authors of mods and SCS Software team for this great work around the game!

Thanks For Watching !

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[FR] Salut à Tous !
De retour sur Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.35) à bord du Scania S avec ce super son v8 Open pipe magnifiquement retravaillé! et avec cette belle peau pouvant être peinte + la remorque Schmitz SKO.
En livraison sur l’île de Sardaigne, qui a été ajoutée gratuitement à l’extension de carte “Italia (DLC)” et de nombreux autres mods intéressants à découvrir ou à redécouvrir! [▼VOIR MODS CI-DESSOUS!▼]
Un grand merci aux auteurs des mods et à l’équipe SCS Software pour ce travail formidable autour du jeu!

Merci d’avoir regardé cette vidéo !

▼***FREE MODS***▼

-Sharp Paintjob (skin) by [ ] :

-Orange and White Scania Next Gen S and R Interior by SirBlackyAlot :

-Scania R-S Next Gen Open Pipe V8 Sound
Credits: Kriechbaum, Alexander Swift, Japheth Rasta.Jr.

-Schmitz SKO – Reconstructed
Authors: obelihnio, SCS Software, FreD_

-ReMoled Next Gen V1.8.2 by Solutech :

-Front Camera Scania R+S 2016
Credits: gunther and zeeuwse trucker

-Scania NG Middle Exhaust v 1.0 by MehdiAnti :

-Scania Pennants Pack by CrowerCZ :

-Wolf Cube
Credits: SCS, Tuning Wolf

-Animation all Truck Steering Wheels v 1.5
Credits : Afrosmiu, SCS

-[Powerkasi] Scania RS addon
Credits: SCS, RJL, GT-Mike, powerkasi(alias J.Snow)

-50k addon by 50Keda :

-50k Wheels pack by 50Keda :

-Real Tyres mod by Galimim :

-Big Lightbox Scania S&R Next Gen v 1.2
Credits : DavyBerto, Unknown

(version 1.0 used in this video for customization)

-Sun Visor Scania NG | 1.35 by MDModding

(previous version used in this video)

-Scania Next Gen – Painted Engine Badges (by DaStig) :

-Scania Parts Mod v1.9
Credits: HRS Mods, Truvkerfee, Tuning Wolf, SCS

-Rear fender Scania Next Gen by MDModding :

-Truck Tables by Racing :

-Hella Double Burners by abasstreppas :

-Old Skool Club Stickers by sagittariusjr :

-Ols School Wheels by Rollo :

-SiSL’ s Mega Pack by SiSL :

-Immersive Symbols ETS2 by DragonHunterX :


-Realistic Vehicle lights / Flexible Truck Physics / Realistic Graphics mod By Frkn64

▼***PAY MODS***▼

-Stoneguard / Spoiler Front Bumper / Sideskirt by 3D model art ets2 (3DMA)


My equipment for the game :

Steering Wheel (Volant) Logitech G27
Plus d’infos [FR]

TrackIr 5 + Track Clip pro



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