Euro Truck Simulator 2 gameplay – From Russia to the West France


Since this year began, I started playing Euro Truck Simulator and enjoying doing that a lot.
I remember my brother playing it a lot and he still has it on Steam.

Because this game is only in my brother’s Steam account, he allowed me to use his one to play this game.

I really like taking the offers, that give me the very long tracks, even through almost entire Europe.
It reminds me of the vacations, where I travel the Europe.

I am still a beginner at playing this game and I should work more on fixing the mistakes I often do.
I often make the mistakes, when I rush myself too much or when I’m just confused.

Talking about music, I prefer playing it on Windows Media Player, because this game’s music player is cannot open the certain MP3 files. I am trying to make it as silent as it is while driving.



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