MAN F2000 414 Comandor Fixes 1.35.x ETS2


    MAN F2000 414 Comandor Fixes 1.35.x ETS2
    FIXES for MAN F200 Comandor:
    Unfortunately I did not find contact info of Alexander Gavrilin.
    – Added manifest.sii and info
    – Converted and restored pmg files
    – Replaced some ui accessory icons and descriptions
    – Removed unused /sound/renault/sound/magnum_ext and sound/renault/sound/magnum_int folders
    – Corrected wheel definitions
    – Removed unused vehiclewheelf16 folder
    – Relocated truck to MAN dealer
    – Added two extra engines (540 Hp and 680 Hp)
    – Truck is behaving okay (except wipers) in ETS 2 v.135 with DX11
    – Separate sound mod to put above the truck for saving disk space
    – Gamelog clean except 2 lines
    – Tested in latest version of ETS 2 v.135 with DX11 enabled.
    – Right mirror is not completely alright.
    – Wipers work, but no effect in the rain and not seeing movement outside truck
    – No Trailer Cable support
    – Metallic color paint jobs do not work under DX11.
    – Still some 2 lines of gamelog errors (see below)


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