MongoTV_3821 – Mongo Games – Part 237 – Euro Truck Simulator 2 – ETS2 – Russian Open Spaces – Igor


PART 237 – Russian Open Spaces 7.5 map for ETS2 1.35. Part 228 to 238 is same game session. A BIG THANKS to map designer MOROZOV (Pavel) for this very big russian map, i hope to see more versions in the furture and updates and more cities and long roads. NOTES FROM THIS GAME SESSION : I had a good drive tonight, but i start to get tired of alle that snow on road in north russia, i look foreward to drive back to normal roads 🙂 I will drive again on this profile today Friday, is 1:20 AM night now,and i need go to sleep very soon, and i will try to get up 9 AM, in 7 houres



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