Owned Feldbinder KIP trailer pack v1.1 ETS2


    Owned Feldbinder KIP trailer pack v1.1 ETS2
    Changelog v 1.1
    added ADR silo variant
    Separation of ADR freights from other freights
    added 4 different sets of custom rear lights (EP2, EP3, Vignal + Hella easyconn)
    added Custom license plate option
    added additional side protection variant with 1 large left slot only
    Changelog v1.01
    – Fixed various bugs for shadows, chrome boxes, face normals and icons
    – A set of realistic models of Feldbinder KIP silo trailers built after 2010
    – More accessories in standard and painted variants
    – Long/short models
    – 63m³ and 42m³ bodies included in the first (re-)release
    – SCS standard paintjobs, now including ‘Duellist’, ‘Canopy’, ‘Sunrise’, ‘Sade’ and ‘Crystal Ray’
    – compatibility with SCS accessories (wheels, mudflaps)
    – Reflective stripes side and rear in 3 colors
    – Paintable mudflap with own template
    – Painted and steel side protections, painted variants with own template, a variety of variants with different storage boxes and/or slots for boxes
    – Painted and steel rear bumper in ‘standard’, ‘luxury’ and ‘custom’ flavors, painted variants with own template
    – Custom rear bumper partially compatibie with other accessory packs like the SCS Trailer Tuning Pack
    German Companies Skinpack includes:
    – Franz Fischer (63m³ – New Actros)
    – Freund (63m³ – DAF 105, DAF Euro6, New Actros)
    – Hegelmann (63m³ – MAN TGX Euro6, New Actros)
    – Kleinwächter (63m³ – New Actros, Renault T, Volvo 2012)
    – Kobernuss (63m³, 42m³ – New Actros Streamspace)
    – Nijmeijer Transport Logistik (63m³ with custom mudflap – DAF Euro6, New Scania S, Volvo 2012)
    – Reinert (63m³, 42m³ – MAN TGX Euro6)
    – Schmidt Heilbronn (63m³ – New Actros, New Scania R)
    – Seifert (63m³, 42m³ – New Actros)
    – Sievert Handel Transporte (63m³, 42m³ – MAN TGX Euro6, New Scania R)
    – Steinkühler (63m³ – MAN TGX Euro6, New Scania R)



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