Penu Peru v1.7 – Euro Truck Simulator 2 Map


Mod: Penu Peru v1.7 for ETS2 1.31

ETS2 1.31.xx
DLC Going East, DLC Scandinavia, DLC Vive la France, DLC Italia

Beautiful landscapes
The map is replete with serpentines and complex roads
There are road detours with rubble

Adaptation for 1.31
Vilque city added
Added routes for DLC Special Transport
from city to city
1. juliaca – azangaro.
2. huancane. vilque.
3. sina – untuca.
4. phara-limbani.

This version is a complement, with the europe module, a new profile is optional.
Can be combined with other maps
(I created a new profile)

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Download Map:

Other mods activated:

Xenon Headlights mod:

SiSL’s Mega Pack 2.5.1 for 1.27+:

Realistic Graphics Mod v2.1.1:

MB Actros MP3 Reworks:

Ekeri trailers:


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