Renault Range T Must-Have Mods (Fix those sounds!) – ETS2


Mod Spotlight playlist:
ETS2 main playlist:
Clumsy Trucking VODs playlist:

Complete mods list:

🔊 Sounds:
– Default sounds by SCS (1:09)
– Interior engine sound edit by abasstreppas (3:34):

– SFX VOLVO FH4 D13K 460 for the Renault Range T by EVR (6:43):

🚚 Truck Parts:
– Default dashboard by SCS (9:53)
– Realistic dashboard computer by Oscar (10:30):
– Default chassis by SCS (11:57)
– Lowered chassis / light improvements by Gloover (12:04):
– Low deck chassis by Sogard3 (14:51):
– Sleeper cab spoiler fix by BrianK (18:27):

My driving setup:
– Logitech G27 Racing Wheel –
– TrackIR 5 (Head Tracking) –
– ALMAR SKRS MAN w/ Gearshift Knob

Detailed PC specs are in my About page:

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