Road Train with default Trailers – Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod


Mod: Road Train with default Trailers for ETS2 1.34

This mod what it does is place road trains with the remoloques that are by default in the game. It is not necessary any maps dlc, since the mod has a trailer unloader, to be able to use them in all the countries of the game.

Mod by:
SCS Software, EmaGamerYT


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Mods used on the video:
ReMoled Next Gen V1.7:

Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod v1.6:

SiSL’s Mega Pack 3.0:

Scania NG Stock v8 Sound v1.2:

Next-Gen Physics:

abasstreppas Hella Auxiliary light pack 1.0:

50k addons:

50k Wheels Pack:

Scania S dashboard computer 1.2.3:

Background Lights & V8 Back Panels for new Scania R & S v1.0:


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