SCANIA NextGen I6 sound mod by Max2712 v4.0 ETS2


Changelog v4.0
engine sound completely re-recorded in reallife on multiple NG Scanias
the whole sound is redone and rebalanced
all interior sounds re-recorded with better quality
added air-compressor sound after turning on the engine (sometimes)
new retarder sound (by kriechbaum) + “psshhh”-sound when turning on the retarder
air-brake sounds recorded on a R500 with trailer
realistic lift-axle sound added + 3D-positioned
real reverse sound added and 3D-positioned to the rear of the truck
new horn sound recorded in reallife
better turbo sound
added a warning sound when turning off the engine without parking brake
added unique window sounds of a real Scania
new wiper sounds with a random squeak sound
more things I can´t remember anymore


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