BMW 5 – Series E60 M-Sport 1.41 ETS2


HQ Model
Ambient Occlusion
Real Engine and Transmission Values
Real Weight Values
Real Paint Colors
Active Digital Gauges
Foot Light (Works with O Key)
Police Strobe Option (O Key to Light, N Key to Sound Police Siren.)
Car Wash Mat Option
Rear Curtain Option
Headlight Eyebrow Option
Hookah Option
Swinging Fragrance Option
5 Different Interior Option
9 Different Wheel Option
3 Different Front Grill Option
3 Different Spoiler Option
4 Different Diffuser Option
5 Different Steering Wheel Option
3 Different Headlight Option
3 Different Angel Option
2 Different Tailgate Option
2 Different Window Film Option
5 Different Iron Option
7 Different Interior Fragrance Option
5 Different Interior Trim Option
5 Different Gear Knob Option
2 Different IPhone Option
53 Different Sticker Option


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