Daniels Random Events v1.4 ETS2


Changes in V1.4:
Added retroreflective strips to traffic cones to make them easier to see at night
Tweaked the flares for the blinking lights on the cones and roadwork barriers to make them bigger and easier to see at night.
Added hard shoulder police speed camera
Added breakdown/recovery van as possibility to spawn instead of recovery truck
New VMS signs with icons to replace the ones with text
Completely improved/reworked breakdown/recovery events
Better warning signs (warning triangle more common, VMS sign possible if spawn on road with hard shoulder).
More variety of vehicles and of people.
Possibility of no warning at all if spawn on hard shoulder or single lane road.
Possibility of police car spawning in front of broken down vehicle.
Removed possibility of spawning with no warning if on 2/3 lane road.
Completely improved/reworked all accident events
Completely dynamic
Random number of crashed vehicles on scene (2/3/4) (If city or narrow then 1/2/3)
More variety of police and people
Possibility of VMS warning signs on approach
Random possibility of what spawns at end (police/police+ambulance/ambulance/recovery vehicle) (If on narrow road then: nothing/police/ambulance/recovery vehicle)
This mod now adds over 30 new random events (several of which have more than one variation) to appear on the roads in ETS2.


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