Economy Overhaul v1.9.13 ETS2


Freight market, Cargo market & External freight market costs. (Between 1.03 EUR – 1.45 EUR per KM)
Garage buy/upgrade costs (300 000 EUR / 800 000 EUR)
AI fuel consumption costs (Between 0.20 EUR – 0.30 EUR per KM)
AI driver salary per KM (based on salaries in our CZ trucking compaties – so it may vary country by country (0.12 EUR per KM)
AI driver fixed salary (138 EUR per in-game week + their salary per KM which is mentioned above ^)
Police fines
Your company garage´s profit per 7 in-game days (if you have average/skilled drivers)
Tollgate taxes per KM (For France, Poland, Italy and Austria)
Tollgate fixed taxes
Live Fuel/Diesel prices in each country (real fuel prices are updated weekly for every country)
Ferry and Eurotunel prices
New 36 world currencies of all European countries and other major world countries: (Currency by ISO code: ALL, AUD, AZN, BYN, BAM, BRL, BGN, CAD, CNY, HRK, EGP, GEL, ISK, INR, ILS, JPY, MKD, MXN, MDL, NZD, RON, RUB, SAR, RSD, SGD, ZAR, KRW, CHF, TWD, TND, TRY, USD, UAH, AED, VEF, VND + Default currency)


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