Estonia-Russia border improvements v 1.0


1. Narva got a small rebuilt. I din’t liked that PM Narva looked way too modern, more a like a new city from Finland rather than in the East of Estonia. Since I could not access SV the last time the city area past the river is more a fantasy land, but I still tried to make it more realistic.
2. Added Narva 1 crossing point which was still under construction on PM version, but you still have to use the old one.
3. Border crossing is much more complicated and slower now.
4. Many realistic or more-less signs have been added.
5. River promenade has been added to the both Narva and Ivangorod.
6. The whole town of Ivangorod was rebuilt according to aerial image, drone footage, real life photos and YT videos.
7. Many landmarks have been added, atought to see some of them you need to use the free camera.
8. Some cosmetic changes around the city of Saint-Petersburg.
BONUS for realistic Russian highways version only: Many misspelt signs have been corrected, missing poles have been added, some other bug fixes around the city of Saint-Petersburg.


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