ETS2 1.34 Exploring Andes Map Part 1


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One thing….Try to make a backup of your ‘profiles’ folder in your ETS2 or ATS folder. This way if you made changes to your game & things didn’t go right, all you have to do is, delete the profiles folder, replace with the one that you backed up, and your game will be back the way it was before you had problems.

(If any of this information has changed or new information is available, please let me know and I will update this video description. Thanks).

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DISCLAIMER: Do not drive like this in real life. My videos are only for entertainment purposes, & I am NOT trying to influence anybody to drive like this in real life. This is just a game, whatever is in this video is just entertainment & there is no purpose for negative things.

ETS2 1.34 Exploring Andes Map

Also….I think this is a addon to the map…..

IMPORTANT: Standalone Map…..Create a new profile….change the game module from “Europe” to “peru.mbd”…..

This map is about cities of Peru. You will found since Lima (capital of this country), Ica, Canete, Nazca, Cerro de Pasco, Puquio, etc.
When you start with your first job don’t select Huancayo, there are some bugs in this map, but its fine.
These highways are extremely narrows, so be careful in the road. Good luck.
You need these DLC’s:
– Scandinavia
– Going East



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