ETS2 1.35 – Hungary 1:3 scale Map 0.9.28 by Frank007, maintained by Indian56


Its back! The Map, The Myth, the Legend!
No map DLCs needed, map works on DX11.
Hungary 1:3 scale Map v0.9.28 by Frank007, maintained by Indian56
and finally heres a version that is very easy to install. Ever since 1.30 theres been fixes that needs to be added but this time all of them are gone and we’re back to the the regular models, map and def file.

Hungary is not a new map, its been around for a long time, but its still one of the best maps in terms of realism and immersion. Large city suburbs, industrial areas, small towns and open field country-side are well rendered using the assets found in the original game only.

In other words, you do NOT need any DLC’s to run this map!

This is the perfect example of how cities, towns and villages should look. Poland rebuilding perhaps comes the closest to delivering living cities but this map is the master!
Theres not a lot of boring highways here, instead its a mirrored example of how the hungarian road system looked back in 2002 with all the small towns and country roads you would expect.

Link to Hungary map official page:

Direct download link:

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