ETS2 1.36 – Road to the Black Sea DLC Map Combo, Global Edition Version 3


This map combo requires ALL SIX MAP DLCS!

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Background map

Paris Rebuild v2.4

North Map 1.7

Poland Detail Adding Mod

GerMap v1.2.1 (New version)

Rotterdam Brussel Highway with Calais Duisburg Road Interchange v2.3
(You need to change the manifest file to make the map mod compatible. This is how you do it

Truck Test Area 2.0 Mod

Romania Extended 2.5 DLC

YKSRSK DLC for 1.36


Swedish Islands 1.02

Racetrack map

C.H Map (ROC) Part1

C.H Map (ROC) Part 2

Wombat C.H Map Traffic Fix

Rusmap english city names

Rusmap 2.0 Fix 3

Caucausus mod

Promzona 5

ROS english city names

ROS 7.7

Wombats ROS MAP Updated

Wombat ROS traffic and sound fix

ROS+Rusmap RC

TexFix 4

Southern Region Map v7.9.0

Southern Region Map 7.9.0 english city names

Southern Region Def and Map DLC

Southern Region Fix for 1.36

Southern Region Fix for 1.36 by PikPikker

Mediterranean Map 0.1

Road to Aral 1.2

Great Steppe 1.36

Great Steppe 1.36 updated def and map file

PJ Indo

Australia Tasmania map

Australia Tasmania map FIX v4

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