ETS2 1.38 – Promods 2.50 Eurasia Map Combo Update 4


The combo requires all six map DLCs!
This combo works with BOTH versions of Roex!
All updates since my last map Promods Eurasia combo for Roex 2.7 has been marked “NEW”

In addition to adding the mods below you will have to ensure that your documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/config.cfg file
contains a line – uset r_buffer_page_size “30”
If the value is set to 10, change it to 30.

Fullscreen World Map (optional)

Background map (NOT optional!)
There are several to choose from, they are all found here:

Swedish Islands Map v1.10

Paris Rebuild 2.6

Læsø – ProMods Add-on

Riga Metro Area Rebuild

Mediterranean Map 0.1

Promods 2.50 and Promods Middle East

Israel-Lebanon Open Border mod – NEW

North Macedonia Rework for Promods 2.50

Red Sea

SZM 2.1 for 1.38 – NEW

Piter for Rusmap

Rusmap 2.2.1 for 1.38

Volga Map

Volgamap fix – NEW

Volga English City Names

No Black Sea Ferries

Project Turkey 1.1 RTP

Romania Extended 2.4 (free) or 2.7 (paid)

Promods ME add-on 2.50
Southern Region (adapted manifest file)
ROEX-RusMap-Promods FULL connection v4 adapted to latest Sergey’s RC – NEW
ROEX ADD-ON – universal
ROEX english city names UNIVERSAL
Southern Region 9 -just 2.7 (Do not use this with Roex 2.4)

Southern Region english city names

Southern Region Map v9.0

Great Steppe English city names LINK REMOVED!
Theres an issue with the great steppe english city names mod. Please remove it if you updated to this map combo!

Great Steppe 1.38

Great Steppe updated map and def files – NEW

RusMap 2.2.1 – Great Steppe 1.38 Road Connection – NEW

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