Euro Truck Simulator 2 Renault DTi 11 & 13 engine sound mod 2.0


Hi all,

I’ve recorded again the Renault T DTi11 engine, but this time with my Zoom H5. This sound is totally new, made from scratch.
I’ve also added my Volvo D13K engine sound for the 13 litres engines of the truck, in real life the DTi13 and D13K are really close, they sound very similar. The DTi11 is more specific, this is why i recorded it. So now you have two engines sounds for this truck. There’s also a good standart horn coming with it, and of course all the interior accessories sounds.

For DTi13 engine (D13K) go to 10:32

There’s also the air brakes and air gear sounds of the Renault T in this archive:

Hope you’ll enjoy it. 🙂


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