Euro truck simulator 2 v1.32 – map and achievements progress


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Current Setup –
Main screens – 3 x 34″ Ultrawide LG 21/9 Gsync 144Hz
4th screen AOC 27″ 1440p
Custom Quad monitor stand.
Wheel drive unit – Simtech racing OSW (Biss-c encoder)
Custom made aluminium profile sim racing cockpit
1st Wheel hub – Sim Racing Coach – Buttons and Paddles
2nd Wheel hub – simline buttons and paddles
Pedals – Fanatec V3 inverted
Shifter – Shh
Almar skrs man add on shifter
Handbrake – Heusinkveld Engineering Sim
Dash Display – Honour 9 Lite
Bass shaker – home made
Button box – Home made
Turn signal – Home made (not in use making new custom box)
Game pad – Xbox one controller

Pc Spec
8700k cpu 4.7ghz
NZXT x62 Kraken
MSI 1080TI graphics
16GB corsair 3200Mhz ram
Asus hero motherboard
1x 512 samsung 960 pro nvme
1x 1TB samsung 850 evo ssd
1x 1TB samsung 840 evo ssd
1x 512 crucial 512 ssd

SimHub and SIMDashboard used to control additional displays and input controllers.

Chanel Intro Audio – – Dubstep


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