Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.38) – Scania R NextGen Reworked Tuning V8 Sound 770hp + Skin + Interior


Hi Everybody !
Back on Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.38) aboard the Reworked Scania (by Eugene) R NextGen Tuning V8 Sound 770Hp + This superb metallic skin + This beautiful black and yellow interior with dashboard .. I use the mod “Realistic Brutal Weather Graphics” in this video .. In delivery with Ekeri trailer
Other Mods are to be discovered or rediscovered [▼SEE MODS BELOW▼]
A big thanks to the authors of mods and SCS Software team for this great work around the game.

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[FR] Salut à Tous !
De retour sur Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.38) à bord du Scania retravaillé (par Eugene) R NextGen Tuning V8 Sound 770Hp + Cette superbe peau métallique + Ce bel intérieur noir et jaune avec tableau de bord .. J’utilise le mod “Realistic Brutal Weather Graphics “dans cette vidéo .. En livraison avec la remorque Ekeri
D’autres Mods sont à découvrir ou redécouvrir [▼VOIR MODS CI-DESSOUS▼]
Un grand merci aux auteurs des mods et à l’équipe SCS Software pour ce travail formidable autour du jeu.

______▼**Pay Mods**▼______

►Tuning Pack and more by WC007 D3SIGN :
– Nextgen Visor Pack
– Nextgen Holland, Nordic style lightbox, roof rack
– Nextgen horns only 1.38 and newest
– Nextgen roof addons

►Wolfcube V.3 by 3DWolf :
►Vabis Steering Wheel by Bzhtruckstyling :
►*Special Interior Curtains Scania Nextgen/*CBRadio+Poppy+Pins by GBmodding :
►Hypro Bullbar by Alang7 :
►*Spoiler/*Sideskirt by 3D Model Art (3DMA) :
►Scania S&R Matte Black Stacks Pipes by Lewis Warner Jackson :
Incompatible mod 1.38 (ReadMe:

______▼**Free Mods**▼______

►[TRUCK]Next Generation Scania P G R S by Eugene :

►[V8SOUND]Scania NG 770HP Engine with stock & OP Sound v1.0 | Credits: CeraEX, Kriechbaum

►[TRAILER]Ekeri trailers by Kast :

►[INTERIOR]Scania Next Gen R&S Black/Yellow interior With Dashboard by Ocedare :

►[SKIN]Changeable metallic Skin for Scania R by WF Paintjob :

►Scania Next Gen Window Lightbox Truckjunkie | Credits: SCS, Polltrans, CCT

►Scania Mudflap Pack by @ETS2_STUFF on instagram :

►NGS R&S Deflectors by StereoPhobic :

►Truck Tables by Racing :

►Boogie Buddies by 3DWolf (Free Or Donate) :

►Sequential Turn Signal mod for Next gen Scania v2.15 by DΛIYA :

►INTERIOR LIGHT by TopGear 2020 FINAL MOD ALL TRUCK | Credits: Alang7, TopGear, SCS Sofware

►All Truck Black Glass by SNTRMOD (Note:The front window is not tinted compared to a conflict with another mod but tested without any mod it works fine)

►50k Wheels Pack [1.38 and up] by 50keda :

►CornerEye & Front Camera mod V2 by Daiya :

►Scania S&R Airhose by Hasiktrans :

►Realistic Truck Physics by Frkn64 :

►abasstreppas wheelpack for ownership trailers 1.0 :

►Animated passenger in truck (with you) V2.1 by Todor Alin :

►SiSL’s Mega Pack by SiSL :

►Realistic Brutal Weather V5.6 by Kass :

►HN Immersive Symbols Extreme by The Fabulous Habdorn :

My equipment for the game :

Steering Wheel (Volant) Logitech G27
Plus d’infos [FR]

TrackIr 5 + Track Clip pro



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