Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.38) – Scania S Next Gen Tuning V8 Sound + Skin + Interior [SCS Trailer]


Hi Everybody !
Back on Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.38) aboard the Scania S Next Gen Tuning V8 Sound + This beautiful skin of Alexandar Lone Wolf + This beautiful interior of Carmichael to complete the set!
Many other mods are to be discovered or rediscovered [▼SEE MODS BELOW▼] A big thanks to the authors of mods and SCS Software team for this great work around the game.

**Note : You will excuse me for these many repeated lags, compared to the “AI traffic” mod that my pc did not support :/

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~Buy Euro Truck Simulator 2 :

[FR] Salut à Tous !
De retour sur Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.38) à bord du Scania S Next Gen Tuning son V8 + Ce très beau skin d’Alexandar Lone Wolf + Ce magnifique intérieur de Carmichael pour compléter l’ensemble !
Bien d’autres mods sont à découvrir ou à redécouvrir [▼VOIR MODS CI-DESSOUS▼] Un grand merci aux auteurs des mods et à l’équipe SCS Software pour ce travail formidable autour du jeu.

**Note : Vous m’excuserai de ces nombreux lags à répétions, par rapport au mod “AI traffic” que mon pc n’a pas supporté :/

►Scania S&R CMI Black & Red Interior by Carmichael (Facebook page Contact) :

___▼**Free Mods**▼___

►Wolf’s Scania Next Gen S skin Pack Vol.1 by Alexandar Lone Wolf :

►Low Chassis For Scania 2016 by Augustine :

►50k addons by 50keda :

►ReMoled Next Gen V1.8.4 by Solutech :

►Scania RS addons by Powerkasi (for horns ONLY/not sound) :

►Scania V8 Sound R950 Konstantinidis *HotFix* by R.J Productions :

►*Old School Wheels / *PAINTABLE Old School Wheels / *SCANIA Hubs PAINTABLE / *Custom Hub Cover by Rollo :

►Truck Accessory Pack by Mohegan13 :

►abasstreppas Hella Lamp Pack 2.0.1 by abasstreppas :

►Scania Next Gen High Pipe with Airbar by Sad Wolf :

►Rims and tyres by abasstreppas :

►abasstreppas wheelpack for ownership trailers :

►Corner Eye for Scania 2016 by Daiya :

►Left Lane Trafik Window Lightbox | Credits: _ets2italy_ ets2_punji

►Vikings Sticker on Windows | Credits: sagittariusjr, SchuLLis Mod Garage (SMG) –

►Oldskool hangers pack by Anonymaus Customs :

►Interior Back Lights v 5.5 | Credits: Scs,Blade1974 –

►SiSL’s Mega Pack by SiSL :

►Animated passenger in truck (with you) V2.1 by Todor Alin :

►Realistic Traffic Intensity & Behavior | Credits : D.B Creation, Lewauz, Rendeemer, SkorpionTV, flerschemerhub –

►*Realistic Truck Physics | *Realistic Vehicle Lights | *Realistic Graphics by Frkn64 :

► HN Immersive Symbols Extreme by The Fabulous Habdorn :

___▼**Pay Mods**▼___

►*Sunshield | *DLC accessory Viking Ships by 3D Wolf :

►Spoiler by 3DMA :

►Hypro Bullbar by Alang7 :


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