Nissantruck Finnish Ai Trailers Pack v2.0 ETS2


My trailer mods are for the Ai traffic only.
My trailers are not ownable.
My trailers can be seen in the traffic as ai vehicles only.
My ai trailers are not state,country or any Dlc dependent.
Some people may not know,what the companies are in this pack,so i did add the websites from each company to the back side of the trailers,so that if somebody is interestid to know,what the companies in my pack are,then they can use the website address for that.
You should be able to see the ai trailers in traffic.
Some other trailers mods can affect the trailers in this package,
mainly if they have similar company names or similar internal names.
If you only use my trailer packs,then they should work fine.
This ai trailers pack has been tested with Ets2 1.40.
These trailers should work after that version of the Ets2 will have an update as long as Scs will not update the trailers at all.
My Ats/Ets2 trailer packs will have new trailers available this year and those packs will have the old trailers
and some new trailers too in the ai trailer packs.
In this package you can find 27 ai trailers and this ai trailer package was originally uploaded to the website.


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