ZIL 4421 LIGHT TUNING V8 1.24 – 1.34 TRUCK


ZIL 4421 LIGHT TUNING V8 1.24 – 1.34 TRUCK
In this version I corrected the error. The pennants did not have enough texture so that the strings on which the pennants were hanging were black, I also increased engine speed with 800 hp and added a 9-speed gearbox if you want to drive more than 200 km / h then put the engine to 800 hp and a 9-speed box, so first, unpack the archive in which the mod is and there is a fix for working on version 1.34 right away, fix it to put everything like a mod above.
Original truck ZIL_4421_126.scs for versions 1.24 – 1.30
Fix_ZIL_4421_for_1.31.х.scs for work on 1.31 – 1.34



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